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I am a Japanese Buddhist monk. I learned Ayurveda during my stay in India. I also work as a local NGO member. From health consciousness, commuting by road bike for 2 hours round trip every day. I consider both work and private life to be physical strength. Thank you.

Member of the Ayurvedic Society in Japan

Dr.Sunil Mehta ji


He is Ayurveda doctor Dr.Sunil Mehta_ PhD. From Bhavnagar in West India far away, Receive advice mainly about yoga and naturopathy.

Dr.Sunil Mehta_ PhD,MBA,MLM,PGDHA,DME,DNYS. Health care management consultant .From Bhavnagar Gujarat India

Dr.Ravi Dhaliya ji


Doctor is Ayurveda practitioner. Bams MD(PhD scholar)

Assistant professor and senior consultant at Ayurveda medical college,Punjab India.

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Japanese nurse and will help you as an advisor in the medical field. Please feel free to contact us. English is possible.