Redisplay: Infectious disease countermeasures(in the third wave)

November 17, 2020 Regarding COVID-19 infectious disease countermeasures, there is still no sign of calm in Japan as well as in the world. Therefore, at RUDRA AAROGYAM JAPAN, we would like to take more thorough measures against infectious diseases. Even if you are a client or a new customer, please feel the sense of crisis once again.

About infectious disease measures.

At RUDRA AAROGYAM JAPAN, we are implementing the following measures on a daily basis so that you can use our salon with peace of mind.

・ Ethanol disinfection (everywhere)

・ Ion / Plasmacluster air cleaning, mood effect (everywhere)

・ Aerial spray of TeaTree, Frankincense, Sinamon Bark (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral measures)

・ Doctor's Products Antibacterial Soap is always available

・ Sterilization and disinfection for each treatment, replacement of equipment such as towels

・ Surgical masks and gloves are always available

・ Gargle and wash hands

・ Good sleep, good stool, exercise

Hope You are Well

Thank You