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KK Seeing difficultiesSchool Bhavnagar Gujarat INDIA 

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Doctors Association


"This association was launched by Dr. Ayurveda of India who supports our salon. Ayurveda is explained mainly in yoga in English and Hindi."

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Mitsuru-Kougei Official Online Store

Mitsuru Kougei's online shop. Kakishibu- zome has a sober image, but this product has only a unique design with a modern arrangement of tradition. There are many female users, and parasols are so popular that orders cannot keep up. It is one of the traditional crafts that represent Japan.

みつる工芸様 公式オンラインストア

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”Ms.Lillian Flaga is a friend of my FaceBook. She is a Polish photographer. Her collection is very attractive. Has won numerous B & W awards.”


フィンランドの写真家Mr.Esakapila ヘルシンキを拠点にして活動しています。

Esakapila is a Helsinki based photographer. Kapila is working with both editorial and commercial clients and designers in Finland and abroad.

First graduating as an interior architect Kapila then followed his passion in creating images and has been working as a full time photographer since then. Esa Kapila is shooting fashion, portraits and interior design.

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Quality Assurance


”Sesame oil, which is indispensable for Ayurveda, is ordered from Zuiken, who specializes in sesame oil in Izumo City, which was originally a refinery. It is also attractive that it continues to maintain the sales attitude from the beginning of its release. Quality assurance are important because they are used directly on the body.”

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