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Report on our activities (KK BLIND SCHOOL Bhavnagar Gujarat INDIA) 

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Doctors Association

"This association was launched by Dr. Ayurveda of India who supports our salon. Ayurveda is explained mainly in yoga in English and Hindi."

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Doctor's blog

"This is the blog of Ayurveda Doctor in Punjab. Experience the depth of Ayurveda."

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Indian Dining

”An Indian restaurant near Wara-Tenjin, Nishioji-dori, Kita-ku, Kyoto. You can enjoy authentic Indian food prepared by an Indian chef. Please try the simple and timeless seasoning. There is also a store in Imadegawa.”

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”Ms.Lillian Flaga is a friend of my FaceBook. She is a Polish photographer. Her collection is very attractive. Has won numerous B & W awards.”

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Quality Assurance

”Sesame oil, which is indispensable for Ayurveda, is ordered from Zuiken, who specializes in sesame oil in Izumo City, which was originally a refinery. It is also attractive that it continues to maintain the sales attitude from the beginning of its release. Quality assurance are important because they are used directly on the body.”

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