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Report on our activities (KK BLIND SCHOOL Bhavnagar Gujarat INDIA) 

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Doctors Association


"This association was launched by Dr. Ayurveda of India who supports our salon. Ayurveda is explained mainly in yoga in English and Hindi."

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Doctor's blog


"This is the blog of Ayurveda Doctor in Punjab. Experience the depth of Ayurveda."

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Indian Dining


”An Indian restaurant near Wara-Tenjin, Nishioji-dori, Kita-ku, Kyoto. You can enjoy authentic Indian food prepared by an Indian chef. Please try the simple and timeless seasoning. There is also a store in Imadegawa.”

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Japanese Traditional Crafts
KakiShibu Zome


Kakishibuzome has been used daily in the lives of ordinary people since ancient times. It has high waterproof, antiseptic and insect repellent effects, and was applied to all daily necessities such as fishing nets, piping bags for brewing, paper patterns for dyeing, astringent fans, paper clothes, and Japanese umbrellas. The persimmons are collected in immature green persimmons, and the astringent liquid obtained by crushing and squeezing is aged in a cool and dark place. It is yellowish green when it is astringent, but it turns brown over time. If you apply the persimmon tannin many times, it will develop a vivid "Kakishibu tea", giving it a unique texture not found in chemical dyes. Kakishibu is also known as a Chinese herbal medicine, and tannins are said to be effective against blood pressure lowering, burns, and hangovers. The old dye Kakishibu is hand-dyed one by one under the good water and environment of Ohara Kyoto Jpana.

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School Teacher/Voice Actor

声優で若手育成のスクールを運営されている 田中 総一郎様から再びお声を掛けていただき、おまけにHPにリンクまで快諾いただきました。




Mr. Soichiro Tanaka, who runs a school for training young people as a voice actor, asked me again, and in addition, he kindly agreed to the link on the website.

I talked with Mr. Tanaka through Facebook while I was enrolled in a monk's temple and during my stay in India.

"Ah, I've heard this narration!" Everyone knows ️ ”.

Thank you very much, Mr. Tanaka.

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”Ms.Lillian Flaga is a friend of my FaceBook. She is a Polish photographer. Her collection is very attractive. Has won numerous B & W awards.”

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Quality Assurance


”Sesame oil, which is indispensable for Ayurveda, is ordered from Zuiken, who specializes in sesame oil in Izumo City, which was originally a refinery. It is also attractive that it continues to maintain the sales attitude from the beginning of its release. Quality assurance are important because they are used directly on the body.”

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